Saturday, July 14, 2012

Glitter Key Covers | DIY

Hey everybody,

I have a great project for the weekend for you. Make your own glitter key covers!

I saw this picture on Pinterest and thought this is so easy to do.

This is how I did it: First choose a base colour. I used two coats of the red on the left. Let each coat dry thoroughly. Then add a glitter polish. Depending on the amount of glitter you want you can use one or two coats. To make extra sure that nothing comes off I used a top coat. That's it! Let everything dry over night and put your key back on your key ring.

What's good about using nail polish is that you can easily remove it with nail polish remover, if you have to give the key back to your landlord.

Let me know if you tried it too and leave me a link in the comments. Would love to see your version!

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