Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Straw dipped nails | NOTD

Hello everybody,

on Pinterest I found this picture which inspired me to try it out myself.

This is how the end result looks. Pretty and unique.

How you do it:

As always start with a base coat. I'm using essence - 24/7 nail base.

Choose a polish colour. I chose one from the essence - fruity LE and I think it is called fruity cherry. It doesn't say so on the bottle. This colour is quite sheer so I applied two coats.

Then you need to choose a colour for the straw rings. I used a black stamping polish by essence. Simply because it is a bit thicker than normal polish, but I think any polish will do just fine. Dip the end of your straw in your little puddle of polish and start. There is no specific pattern or way to do this, just do it as you like. You could also use different coloursdor the rings. Then it is best to start with the lightest colour and use a seperate straw for each colour.

This is a manicure which everybody can do. Choose the colours you like. It really is easy!

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  1. Wow, das sieht total genial aus :) Sehr hübsch gemacht