Friday, August 17, 2012

Z-palette combination | August

Hey everybody,

the last couple of months I put together a small Z-palette for my everday eye shadows and I thought, why not show it to you guys. To make it more interesting I switch up some eye shadows every month. Either with  ones I got brand new or I haven’t used in a while. Here is the combination I am currently using.


So this is it. Sometimes I use only a couple of shadows, sometimes all of them.


On the left are the eye shadows of my latest Catrice quad. They were really easy to depot. It was so hot that day that they wiggled right out of the palette. On the top you can see a matte brown eye shadow which I use in my crease. I think it was part of a Maybelline trio. The one in the upper right corner is a light purple which I also use as a crease colour to enhance my brown eyes a bit. I don’t know the brand of it. The big round one is by Alverde and I have no idea what it’s called. I depotted it long before I started blogging. I use it as a brow highlight and to blend the crease colour more.

Here is a look I did with these eyeshadows and a couple more products:


As eyeliner I used my new one from the Catrice Cucuba LE and I wanted to enhance the blue in the inner corner a bit more so I used some of the turquoise pigment from the just mentioned LE.

That’s the Z-palette of the month of August. You can go really light or kind of smokey with these shadow. It is so flexible.

Definitely check back in September. I will then show you my September Z-palette.

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