Friday, September 21, 2012


Hey guys,
today I wanted to show you something you might not have heard of. So you know all the beauty boxes. Well, there is also a box with nuts. Yes, nuts. More precisely nut and dried fruit mixes. And they are so yummy. They are marketed as office survival food, but you can eat them at home as well...:-)
Here are some pictures of my first and second box.

I have to add here that I took the pictures when I already munched on some of the mixes, that is why they look half empty or empty. You get the picture anyway...;-)

So how much is this box? It is 5,99€. Sounds a lot?! Use my coupon code GAZU2 and you'll get your first box for only 2,99€.
Go over to and sign up using my code. Then you'll see an overview of all the mixes they offer. an tic a box if you like the ingredients or not. If you don't like a mix you, tick the box and you won't get it.
You can also choose if you want to receive the box every week or every other.

As you can see I like this box a lot. Try it, you can cancel anytime if you don't like it.

That's all for today!

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