Friday, October 5, 2012

Butlers–Disney Collection

Hey everybody,

have you seen the Disney collection at Butlers?! I love it. Could have bought everything. That stuff is sooooo cute!

I had to limit myself to two things – a cereal bowl and a notebook.


I just love the things. Above you can see the bowl. Minnie and Mickey kind of run towards each other on the red and white polka dot background. The bowl was around four Euros. Not really cheap…

The water-colour drawing of Mickey really sucke me in. Love the look of this notebook. I also like that the colour is not simply paper it is fabric.Oh and the inside of the book….Smiley


On the first page you get a huge Mickey face and then on every corner in the book. Love little details like that. The book was a bit more expensive. I think it was around six or seven Euros. There were also smaller notebooks and of course different designs. If you want to see more check out


  1. Konnte mich zurückhalten...aber die Sache sind echt TOLL :-)

    1. War bestimmt nicht leicht...:-) Nächstes Jahr gibt es eine Collection mit Donald. Daisy ist dann bestimmt auch dabei.