Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catrice - Hollywood Fabulous LE | Preview

Hey everybody,
today I wanted to show you a LE by Catrice which is available right now. In fact, it is highly possible that is already sold out in some places. However, try to find it and get the blush you'll see later. I am not going too bore you with to much details. Just quickly a comment from my side

Although the colours of the palettes above are absolutely gorgeous, I didn't buy one, simply because these are colours I already own. No need to add the same colours to my collection....

These, too, were nothing new. Although the names are pretty cute.

The lipsticks are all matte and I really don't like the look of matte lipsticks on me. They are usually quite drying and a little shine is always nice, I think.

Here is the blush I would recoment to buy. It is a nice rose colour. The white flecks contain a subtle shimmer which gives you a nice glow. I'll show you swatches in the next post.

There is also a tinted eyebrow gel and a highlighter in pencil form. On the right you can see a clear lipgloss.

The packaging of this LE is really lovely. Sadly I didn't need most of the products as they are already in my collection. 

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