Monday, October 29, 2012

Diadermine - Gelée Make-up Remover

Hey guys,
a couple of weeks ago I bought a new make up remover by Diadermine. They released a new one in gel form. Curious as I am, I had to buy it and give it a try.
It's full name is Gelée Make-up Entferner. It contains 0% parabens, silicone and perfume. Its made for people with overly sensitive skin.
How to use it: You can use it on wet skin and wash it off or put some on a  cotton round and clean away.
I bought this as a substitue for make up remover toweletts. And I like it much better. When you put it on your cotton round, it forms a film and you feel none of that scratchiness you get when you put normal eye make up remover on it.
Let me show you something:

Yes, I went a little bit crazy! :-) Over the weekend I went through all my kajal pens and liquid liners I don't use regularly to see if I need to throw some away. Well, three have now a new place in the trash...
To see if they are any good I had to swatch them, right?! That's the result you can see above plus some eye shadows and blushes. Perfect to show you how good the make up remover works.
I used one pump, spread it out with my finger and just let it sit on the back of my hand.

I didn't rub and quite a lot just dissolved. Then I started cleaning away. When one side was dirty I used the other side of the cotton round.
You can see that most of the kajal swatches are gone. The blush and eye shadows are completely removed. The only thing it doesn't work on, are the liquid eye liners. I have to say though that the lower green and purple stripes are liquid eye liners by p2. These stain so much , I can't even get them off with my waterproof eye make up remover.

And you can see that my hand is not even red. That's what I meant with the film. It practically glides on your skin. It doesn't rub

Overall, I like this product a lot. It is not greasy like some removers are. The smell could be less as it is labeled as a product for oversensitiv skin. If you wear a lot of liquid eyeliner, this product might not be for you, but for eyeshadow, mascara, and make up it's great.
The price was something around 5 €.
Have you tried this product? The reviews I read were mixed.