Saturday, October 6, 2012

essence-home sweet home LE | Preview

So in November essence has a new LE coming out called home sweet home. The idea behind this is that in the winter you stay at home and get cozy in your knitted sweater. Hence, the knitted pattern on some products.
01 happy couching, 02 light the fire, place!, 03 my home is my castle. 1,79 €
nail polish gel shine
Don’t you just love Berry Me Home?! Got to get that colour. 01 caramel cheese cake, 02 red-y to relax, 03 hot fruit punch, 04 berry me home. 1,79 €
nail fashion sticker gel shine
Had those gel stickers before, look here, and they are not really worth the effort to put them on. 01 neither swedish nor-wegian. 1,99 €
lipstick and gloss
longlasting lipstick
01 red-y to relax, 02 berry me home. 2,29 €
volume & gloss lip maximizer
01 mugs & kisses. 1,99 €
For me, one has too much lavender and the other one too much orange in it. Have to check out the testers in the stores and swatch them. Probably not going to buy them. 01 knits for chicks, 02 wool-d you cuddle me? 2,79 €
Who needs this?? 01 knitted with love.  2,29 €

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