Monday, November 12, 2012

Catrice – SpectaculART | Preview

Hey everybody,
really quick I wanted to show you the complete preview of the SpectaculART LE by Catrice. I realized that I prepared the pictures but never posted them. So here they are:
Sheer Lip Colour
C01 Artfully Lustrous, C02 Revel The Red, C03 Soulful. 3,99 €
Mousse Blush
C01 Holi Hai. 3,99 €
Highlighting Powder
C01 Artfully Lustrous. 4,49 €
Superfine Eyeliner Pen
C01 Black Bindi.  2,99 €
Lashes To Impress
3,99 €
Ultimate Nail Lacquer
C01 Artfully Lustrous, C02 Holi Hai, C03 Revel The Red, C04 Soulful 2,49 €
Gold Leaf Topcoat
2,99 €
Pure Chrome
C01 So Precious, C02 Bombay Bauble, C03 Treasure It, C04 Artfully Lustrous. 3,99 €

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