Friday, November 9, 2012

essence – Breaking Dawn LE | Buys

Hey guys,

the new Breaking Dawn LE is out! Don’t worry if the display is completely empty. They are probably going to refill it. Happened to me. First time I was there pretty much everything was gone except for the pigments. Next time, the display was nearly full.


Let’s start with the nail polishes. There were a total of four available. But the fourth one was just a plain gold. The rest of the polishes were much more interesting…


Edward’s Love is a black with metallic shimmer in it. It also has a brown undertone.

Jacob’s Protection is also black, This time with a navy blue metallic glitter

Alice had a vision – again is a dark purple with all kinds of glitter/particles.

You definitely need two coats. These were so streaky.


I definitely wanted to take a look at the pigments as I love pigments at the moment. I pressed nearly all of the pigments I own.

When I tested some of the pigment, I found that some were glitters with a pigment base. So there was more glitter in there than pigment. Not what I wanted. So I went with Alice had a vision – again. It’s a great purple.


This swatch was made without a base on the back of my hand. I was like, great, I don’t even need an eye shadow base. Well, you do. Without the base all you get is a muddy  shadow on your eye.

I did a little video to show you how pretty it is!

I read on blogs that many people loved the blush. But, honestly, how many blushes can a woman have? I’ve got to use some of mine up before I buy another one. Plus I already own a similar shade.

Did you see the LE already? What did you get?

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  1. Ich habe mich spontan in das lila-Pigment verliebt und es mir gleich gekauft :)

    LG aus der EDELFABRIK