Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alverde – Perfect Basics LE | Preview

Hey guys,

if you’re looking for some basic colours, here is a new LE by Alverde for you. It is available from now until January, 2.





Perfect smoothing lipstick

10 funky mauve, 20 soft biscuit, 30 raisin berry. 3,25€


10 charming pink, 20 pinky beige, 30 fabulous red. 2,95€

Mascara Perfect Lashes

10 intense black, 20 midnight sky. 3,75€

Mascara Perfect Definition

10 intense black, 20 midnight sky. 3,75€



Gel Eyeliner

10 extreme black, 20 espresso brown, 30 platinum grey. 3,95€

Gel Eyeliner Brush


Mosaic Powder

10 cool mattes, 20 golden glows. 4,95€


Í think the Mosaic Powder looks pretty interesting. You can use it to highlight and contour. Hope, there will be testers in the store.Smiley

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