Saturday, December 29, 2012

Catrice – Hollywood’s Fabulous 40’s LE

Hey everybody,

what can I say? A company sent me some products. Not only one, but some more. I was so excited. The products are from the Hollywood’s Fabulous 40’s LE by Catrice. The LE is not available anymore but I thought I show you the stuff anyway!

Let’s start with nail polish.


These colours will be used a lot in spring and summer.



I also received an eye shadow palette. It is called Hollywood Boulevard. Can I just say that these are exactly my colours. I love to put some purple in my crease. The two colours on top are quite shimmery and the pale pink is only bearely visible on my skin.

The two lower colours are nearly matte. The left light brown has only a slight shimmer and the purple is completely matte.

The consistency of the shadows is good as are most of the Catrice shadows.


Another product they sent me was the eyebrow gel. I didn’t buy it because I am quite satisfied with my Alverde clear eyebrow gel and I wasn’t too sure about the tint. Now that I got this, I have to say that you cannot see the tint on the brows. Maybe mine are too dark?!

The brush looks quite weird. I don’t know what they thought about that. Maybe you use the longer bristles as a brush and the shorter to get the gel on the brow. I don’t know.

I only know that I don’t need a tinted eyebrow gel. Next!


I also received two lipsticks from the LE. The nude scene and holly rose wood.

Let’s start with the one I don’t like. The nude scene. Nude lipsticks just don’t look good on me. Maybe my natural lip colour is too dark.

Holly rose wood is great. Perfect colour for every time of the year.

What I liked about both was their consistency. They are both very creamy, hence,  easy to apply. They are not matte nor are they shimmery. Your lips will look  just well cared for.

There is one other product they send me but you will have to come back to find out about it !Zwinkerndes Smiley


Thank you Catrice for sending me these products.

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