Monday, December 10, 2012

Catrice – Siberian Call LE | Preview

Hey guys,
time for some new previews. There will be some a lot in this coming week!
The first one is Siberian Call by Catrice. The LE contains some pretty things but especially the blushes are so pretty. And they are cream to powder blush. Very easy to use. See for yourself!
Cream To Powder Blush
C01 Coral -al -al –al, C02 Rose’s Wood. 3,79€
Lip Cream
C01 Rest In The Forest, C02 Coral -al -al –al, C03 Firetracker.  3,79€
Crystal Lip Topcoat
C01 Sky and Snow. 3,79€
Mountain Baked Eyeshadow
C01 Here, Take Your Gear, C02 I’m A Graydreamer, C03 Rose’s Wood und C04 Rest in the Forest. Um 3,99 €*.
Ultimate Nail Lacquer
C01 The Calm Call, C02 I’m A Graydreamer, C03 Sky And Snow, C04 Rest in the Forest, C05 Coral -al -al -al. 2,49€
Siberian Call will be available in drugstores in December and January.

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