Tuesday, February 26, 2013

p2 – Express Nail Polish Remover

Hey guys,

today I want to show you a new nail polish remover by p2. This one has a sponge inside the bottle and you just stick your finger in, twist a couple of times and your polish is completely gone. Well, not really…See for yourself.


Nice pink bottle, right?1 Really catches you eye.

The remover is aceton free. And it costs you 3,95€, I can’t believe it. I just grabbed it and didn’t look at the price. I am going to buy a normal one next time. Really not worth the money. My method works just better.


Above you can see the foam were you stick your finger in. I found it a bit hard to twist your ring finger and pinky, so I twisted the whole bottle around my finger.

You can see on the left picture that some glitter is stuck on the nail but you just have to keep going and it will be gone. However, you will have to get a Q-tip in the end because there’ll be some polish left at the edges you just can’t get with the sponge in the bottle.

One thing that you will immediately realize when your finger is in the bottle, is that your finger tip gets cold. I hated that feeling. You will have remover all over your finger. And be careful, if you have the slightest injury, it will burn. A lot.

So there you have it. It sounded like a great idea, but really is nothing special and has enough down-sides for me not to buy it again. BTW, the polish you see in the picture is a new one Catrice, called Mint Me Up.

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