Monday, December 16, 2013

essie – toggle to the top | NOTD

This is a polish from the current essie LE called Shearling dearling. It took a while for it to come to the stores but I have seen it actually today. I however, did not buy mine in the store but on amazon. Essie sometimes brings out sets wit three mini polish bottles. So cute!!


At first when I got the set, I thought that “Toggle to the top” is a glitter top coat. It is not. Use two coats and this polish is opaque.


Depending on the light, it looks more like a berry colour or more like a reddish colour. Even my mum said, she likes the colour. She is usually more into the nude colours. I might let her wear it for Christmas… Zwinkerndes Smiley

So I haven’t seen the mini set in the store, but you may. Sadly, it’s not available on amazon anymore…It was around 13 €.

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