Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yummy Hearts for Valentines Day

So I could show another nail design with hearts, but I think you might have already seen enough of that. I know I have!

Instead I’m going to show you something cute to bake and eat. Ever heard of Milchschnitte? I actually don’t know if it is sold in other countries but it could very well be.

It’s actually like a cake but targeted especially to young children. They also try to calm the parents by saying that it contains milk which is, as we all know, good for your bones. They do not tell you, however, that it contains loads of sugar, which is not so good.

I came across a young lady from Germany, who has a YouTube channel were she shows you how to bake and decorate cakes. Also how to make a DIY Milchschnitte. Her name is Sally. Just so you know were the recipe origins from. You’ll find links from her at the end.


Are you already drooling? It really was good!

Now how to make it:

You start with you sponge cake. Whisk together 3 whole eggs and 75 g sugar. Mix until they are creamy. Take another bowl and add 50 g flour, 25 g starch (or flour, if you don’t have any), 25 g cocoa and a little bit of baking power. Add these dry ingredients to the eggs and sugar. As the mixture gets too dry, add a bit of sparkling water. Do not mix too much or the mixture will loose its “fluffiness”. Put in oven for about 10-15 minutes at about 170°C. Test from time to time if it is already done.

Once it is done take it out of the oven and put it on a clean towel or cooling rack. Let cool.

In the meantime you can do the filling. Whip 300 to 400 g of cream. (I used 400g and I had some left over.) While doing that add 40 g of powdered sugar and 4 tea spoons of San Apart. (It’s a kind of gelatin.) Sift powdered sugar so it is really fine. I didn’t do it and ended up with little “chunks”.

Now that the sponge cake is cool, you have to cut it in half.


Add filling on one side.


Then add the other side of the sponge cake on top, press it on slightly and you have a huge cake sandwich! Smiley

You could cut it right away but it’s probably best to let it chill for a while(about 30 minutes). Either in the fridge or some place cold.

Now you’re ready to cut the hearts out. I tried to use a cookie cutter but it didn’t work. As everything was too squishy. So I traced around the cutter with a knife and used that as my guide to cut all the way through. If that’s too much of a hassle for you, simple cut squares or rectangles.

For Valentines Day it had to be hearts, though!


Now for the links. Here you can watch Sally on YouTube and here is her blog.

Keep in mind that I used some other ingredients than she did. Just so you don’t wonder.

You can also prepare the hearts the day before. They will be still moist.

Let me know if you made the hearts!